How to apply for UET ECAT 2022? [Completely Online]

How to Apply for ECAT 2022 Online

University of Engineering & Technology, UET Lahore, one of the most prestigious institutes in Pakistan conducts an Entrance Test called ECAT for admissions to Engineering and Technology Programs, every year.

UET has announced the ECAT test application dates and test dates. The UET Entry Test will be held from 18th to 22nd July 2022. The application portal is open since 16th May and stays open till 30th June 2022.

Every year the students go to HBL branches to get their tokens. There are long queues and students have to wait for hours and hours. To facilitate students, UET has provided an online alternative. Now students can get their tokens online, through HBL Konnect or HBL Mobile Banking App. They can just generate their tokens from the comfort of their homes.

How to apply for UET ECAT 2022?

Ecat Application procedure involves two steps; first getting an entry test token and second, filling in the information and generating an admit card.

1- Get an Entry Test Token

To apply for ECAT 2021, you need to purchase an entry test token. The first way is to purchase them conventionally through HBL Branches. The second way is online. The ECAT token costs Rs. 1500/-.

HBL Token from Designated HBL Branches

a) Entry Test tokens in the form of scratch cards can be purchased from designated branches of Habib Bank Limited (HBL).
b) Each scratch card bears a visible SERIAL NUMBER and a TOKEN NUMBER which will be visible after scratching the token.
c) This token number is valid for one candidate only.

After you purchase this token from HBL branches, you can use that Entry Test Token Number to log in and  “Generate Admit Card” on the admission portal.

Now, there are other two ways to get ECAT Admit Card, and they are online methods. If you either have  HBL Konnect App or HBL Mobile Banking App.

Getting The Online Token Number

In case you have NOT purchased the token, you may get the Token Number on-line by:
a) Login to the admission portal
b) Select the “Generate Challan for Entry Test Token” button on the admission portal.
c) You will be asked to enter your name, father’s name, and CNIC number.
d) A challan will be generated bearing a serial number and a challan number.
e) You may pay the fee using this challan number online using one of the following options:

Token Payment through HBL/ Konnect App

i. Login to the Konnect mobile application and tap the ”LIFESTYLE” button.
ii. Select “EDUCATION”. option
iii. Tap on “SCHOOL FEE”.
iv. A list of institutions will appear. Select UET Lahore and enter Challan Number.
v. After verifying your name, make the payment.
vi. Now you may use this paid Challan Number as your Token Number.

Token Payment through HBL Online Banking (For HBL Account Holders only)

i. Login to the HBL online banking application on your mobile if you have access to an HBL account.
ii. Select the “MORE” option.
iii. Select “EDUCATION” .under the bill payment category.
iv. A list of institutions will appear. Select UET Lahore and enter Challan Number.
v. After verifying your name, make the payment.
vi. Now you may use this paid Challan Number as your Token Number

After you have got the token number through HBL Branch or Challan Number (in case you applied online), the next step is to print your admit card. The admit card is very necessary for appearing in ECAT 2021.

2-Fill in the Information and Print Admit Card

• Visit the admission portal and select the “Generate Admit Card” option.
• Login using your Token/ Challan Serial Number and Challan/Token Number.
• Enter your personal information as required.
• Upload your picture.
• Choose your Test Center.
• Your Entry Test Admit Card will be generated. You may print it.

That’s the complete procedure, you can follow to apply for ECAT online. If you have any questions, use the comments section below.

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