UET Taxila 1st Merit List 2021


University of Engineering and Technology, UET Taxila has announced the 1st Merit List for Admissions in Engineering Undergraduate Programs, intake 2021.

Discipline Category Minimum aggregate
Mechanical Engineering A 76.585
Mechanical Engineering N 75.805
Mechanical Engineering T 75.899
Mechanical Engineering X 64.250
Civil Engineering A 74.310
Civil Engineering L 74.308
Civil Engineering N 74.178
Civil Engineering Q2 65.964
Civil Engineering X 58.572
Software Engineering A 69.925
Software Engineering X 47.110
Computer Science A 73.352
Computer Science X 49.522
Electrical Engineering A 74.148
Electrical Engineering L 74.143
Electrical Engineering O 70.148
Electrical Engineering N 73.270
Electrical Engineering Q1 68.947
Electrical Engineering T 74.018
Electrical Engineering X 62.414
Computer Engineering A 72.865
Computer Engineering X 52.789
Industrial Engineering A 72.655
Industrial Engineering X 57.322
Telecom A 72.002
Telecom X 47.551
Electronics A 73.206
Electronics X 49.800
Environmental Engineering A 72.154

Admission Categories Explained:

A Open Merit
G Special Person
L Backward Area
O Alumni
I Diploma Holders
N Engineer’s Children
Q-1 DG-Khan (Tribal)
Q-2 Rajanpur (Tribal)
T Tehsil Taxila
X Overseas

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