HEC commits to make E-learning Successful


VCs nationwide have expressed full commitment to make online classes & e-learning a success amidst #COVID19. During the latest VC meeting, progress on universities’ readiness to offer online classes was reviewed.

Chairman Tariq Banuri requested VCs to adopt & announce SOPs for approval of online courses, emphasising that the Learning Management System (LMS) be put into place before beginning online classes in order to provide information, track progress, and coordinate activities.

Universities need to establish governance system for decision-making and adjudication of complaints, and assign responsibilities for authorization of online classes to a dedicated decision-making body, e.g., an “Online Academic Council”.

It was decided that VCs will appoint focal persons for COVID-19, online courses, IT support, and collect & share data on online readiness as quickly as possible.

HEC has outlined details of “online readiness” to assess quality of online programmes. This is measured in terms of a set of targeted requirements, covering LMS, course syllabi, faculty training, libraries, technological options, exam arrangements & laboratory instruction.

Each class will be certified for readiness. All course elements must be uploaded on the LMS, which must contain introduction, learning objectives, textbooks, and assignments alongside a lesson plan and rules including grading policy.

VCs must ensure that faculty members take a training course for online teaching, get IT help for a test run of their course, revise syllabus for online availability, restructure lesson plan, and get students feedback and address their concerns.

Libraries must be enabled to provide course material through online means. Universities need to make proper arrangements for students to access digital library from home.

Chairman HEC affirmed that detailed policy guidance on grading policies and evaluations systems will be finalised in a few weeks.

HEC is in contact with telecommunication companies to introduce Taleem Bundle to bring about subsidised internet packages for students. An agreement will be reached quite soon.

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