100 Coursera Certificates you can earn for free during COVID Pandemic

Coursera free courses

Online-learning site Coursera is offering 100 online courses free.to support access to online education for the one-third of people around the world who are currently under lockdown to prevent spreading the new coronavirus.

Out of 100 free courses offered, 85 of the courses offered certificates that you would normally have to pay for. The other 15 courses were already free but didn’t offer a certificate.

These courses come from around 50 universities, including:

  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Georgia Tech
  • Johns Hopkins
  • Caltech
  • Duke
  • Imperial College London.

The courses span a range of topics: from public health and COVID-19 to coding, mindfulness, updating a resume, and learning how to play guitar.

On an average day, you can audit thousands of courses on Coursera without paying a dime. But, when students audit, they don’t get access to things like graded homework assignments or certificates of completion, which can be added to their LinkedIn page. Courses can range from $50 to hundreds of dollars depending on the topic.

But, the courses below are entirely free until May 31, 2020, or until enrollment becomes too saturated. Coursera is giving learners access to all the stuff typically behind a paywall: a certificate, graded homework, projects, and unlimited access to a course’s reading material. Of the list below, only 15 were free and didn’t include a paid version originally, according to a company representative.

How to enroll in Coursera courses for free:

  1. Click on the class you’d like to take below and make sure that there’s a blue promo banner at the top of the page. If not, refresh the page and let it load fully.
  2. Click the ‘Enroll for free’ button.
  3. In some cases, Coursera offers free course content but certificates are paid. The below mentioned 85 % courses have certificates free as well.

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