Education Minister Shafqat Mehmood recommends universities to take online Exams

Shafqat Mahmood

Federal Minister for Education Minister has recommended the universities to take online.

In a recent tweet on microblogging site, Twitter, he said: “Some university students are demanding that their exams should be online as they have been studying online. This is a decision for the universities to make but I have asked HEC to consult VCs and see if it is possible given special circumstances this year”

He further added, “Universities should also assess whether they have the technical ability to conduct the exam for ALL students. No one can be left behind. It is also necessary to ensure that the online exam system is not misused to get easy grades. Preparing good question papers/ assessment is important. “

Earlier students were demanding for online exams. They were taught online. So, their exams should also be conducted online. The University of Punjab, recently announced that their BS, MS and MPhil Program Exams will be conducted online.

After the endorsement from the Federal Minister, there are chances that some universities might opt for online Exams, but they are independent to take this decision.


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