UET Aggregate Calculator 2021 – Calculate UET Merit 2021

University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore and its sub-campuses are one of the renowned engineering universities of Pakistan. Every year large number of students apply for admission in various fields offered by UET. First step for admission in UET is taking ECAT test. ECAT is a combined entry test conducted by UET Lahore every year for new admissions in undergraduate/bachelor programs. After taking ECAT test and knowing your ECAT score (out of 400), then you can evaluate your aggregate/merit for UET. University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore has revised its aggregate/merit calculation formula. Last year, the aggregate constituted 25% of your matriculation marks, 45% of your Intermediate/Equivalent Marks and 30% of your ECAT Score. But this year they also have included weight of your Matriculation/Equivalent Marks. The updated UET formula for Aggregate/Merit calculation for 2021 includes:
  • 70% of Intermediate/Equivalent Marks
  • 30% of ECAT Marks

UET Aggregate Calculator 2021

We have used the above-mentioned new formula for the year 2021 provided by UET sources and create an interactive calculator, where you can insert your scores and Aggregate will be calculated automatically.

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