UET Lahore Past 10 years Merit Lists (2011-2020)

UET Past 10 Years Merit List 2011-2020

University of Engineering and Technology, one of the oldest institutions in the country, conducted its Entrance Test ECAT last month for admissions in undergraduate engineering and technology programs. The ECAT was successfully conducted from 05 to 08 July 2021. After that its result was declared on 12th July 2021. UET Merit List 2011-2020

After the ECAT and intermediate Results, the Admission process of UET will begin.  A merit list of UET will be displayed based on students’ aggregate. If you have your inter and ECAT marks now, you can calculate your aggregate online using our UET Aggregate Calculator 2020.

Now, we have collected the Merit Lists of the past 10 years of UET Lahore (Main Campus). This list contains the Merit of the A category only, If you want the complete merit list of Last year, you can check UET Final Merit List 2020, UET Final Merit List 2019.

UET Merit List 2011-2020

Sr. no.Department2011201220132014201520162017201820192020
1Mechanical Engg75.7680.3581.179.9779.4480.1777.1278.8376.5179.464
2Electrical Engg77.9682.2382.4180.9479.1578.3874.747674.3477.931
3Civil Engg73.8278.0979.9578.2677.3978.0475.276.9374.2177.196
4Computer Engg73.5978.7878.7877.7577.1477.6574.5775.0773.7577.469
5Mechatronics & Control Engg75.0479.0379.9778.7277.1776.5173.274.3971.5376.416
6Chemical Engg73.0576.8578.0576.6776.0676.1773.0274.9771.976.027
7Petroleum and Gas Engg73.2476.6778.5877.4676.4876.0570.473.6371.5574.071
8Industrial & Manufacturing Engg72.5775.2476.2774.7473.4374.5271.2972.2168.573.382
9Building & Architectural Engg7275.2976.6975.2474.7375.8972.8973.9972.176.198
10Computer Science70.674.876.2775.4772.6372.4470.0572.0470.474.649
11Metallurgical & Materials Engg71.6674.0475.3273.0671.8471.9869.5870.5168.0773.14
13Transportation Engg70.6173.0374.4872.3470.6571.468.9569.9765.4570.33
14Environmental Engg70.6872.1773.777269.9871.1468.669.9566.2372.099
15City & Regional Planning70.472.0473.5572.9170.2571.0868.5770.6968.672.417
16Polymer & Process Engg.70.8172.1473.3471.5469.0170.3367.7268.6165.2669.66
17Mining Engg70.4971.5472.2870.967.3469.364.9867.6865.0766.741
18Geological Engg70.4371.3272.7770.7368.4970.0166.4767.7363.2167.937
19Product & Industrial Design70.3471.1872.770.6867.468.5666.8167.9866.0669.904
20Automotive Engg-------70.2768.2173.265



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