Top 13 SEO Strategies and Trends in 2021

Top SEO strategies in 2021

The new year 2021 will not be easy for everyone who is in any way connected with the field of SEO, including search engine optimization of websites, blogs, online stores, channels, and other web resources. Undoubtedly, everyone wants to increase the number of visitors and new leads from search results and keep the content’s quality at an average level, and not to worsen the reputation.

There is no universal strategy for developing, promoting, and optimizing any content. There is also not a standard instruction for internet marketing for a business. Companies, agencies, and marketing specialists provide specific and quality SEO services in order to grow a business organically in Google search. The majorly targeting of keywords and optimization of a website against them generally comes into this whole process of SEO. 

What you will learn from this post.

If you want to understand the process of creating working content and SEO management and make the resource position higher in the search engine results on the world wide web, then find out what tools and trends are relevant in 2021.

HTTP / 2

The HTPP / 2 format protocol appeared in 2015, but in 2021 this is also an actual trend. Benefits include compressing HTTP headers, breaking data into chunks and loading them in parallel, and minimizing server overload.

In HTTP / 2, the server can send content that the user has not yet requested. It becomes possible to send immediately additional files necessary for displaying pages without analyzing the main page by a search browser and without asking for the required add-ons.

Google recently announced that it plans to implement HTTP / 2 crawling, but this will not provide a ranking advantage. Yes, there are no direct advantages, but the HTTP / 2 protocol saves server resources and loads the client faster. And thanks to the increased download speed, the flow of visitors will surely improve.

Artificial intelligence, “Google.”

Yes, artificial intelligence will be another new trend in the Google search engine in 2021. And although most of the updates have been implemented since 2021, some changes are already in use:

  1. It increases download speed. Content scanning via HTTP / 2 protocol and emphasis on LCP display the most extensive single page element.
  2. Interactivity – the attractiveness of content to users. The “First Input Delay” metric determines the input delay when you first visit a page on the Internet.
  3. Clustering themes. This update of the search engine will allow you to determine which separate topics the query is divided into.
  4. Indexing of individual pieces of content. This 2021 SEO trend is fascinating and controversial. The user will be able to see the information he/she is looking for in the SERP immediately without going to the site. The search engine will not index the full text but will be able to recognize individual elements. This will reduce traffic, but you can save money: not create a separate text for a narrow query, but work with a breakdown of the main volumetric content into thematic parts-blocks, for example, by categories of services provided.
  5. Visual stability. Thanks to implementing the “Cumulative Layout Shift” metric, there will be no out-of-frame shift in page layout. That is, the user will not move the page to the sides to view long tables.


Some of these innovations in 2021 will surely interest SEO professionals, website owners, and marketing executives.

Search Engine Services

In 2021, traffic from search engines decreases: for example, in Google, various search engine services and all kinds of aggregators appear at the top. And to fight this, to promote your content on the Internet and attract new visitors, you need to try to get traffic from the corresponding category of your services of the Google search engine. Implement this trend and be sure to use all available options.


Google has updated the filter for cheating behavioral factors. It has been applied before, but in 2021 it will be especially tough. Next year, it will be possible to cheat behavioral factors without prejudice to promote content only legally. And this is possible, for example, with the CTR metric used in SEO marketing. CTR is the ratio of the number of clicks on an ad, banner, or snippet in the SERP to impressions.

Such techniques add emoji to the title and description, work with micro-markup, and use a register in Google.Webmaster help to increase the attractiveness of CTR.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization will continue to be an important SEO trend. Optimization for mobile devices involves adapting content for learning using smart-phones and other gadgets. It is unnecessary to create a separate mobile site if the budget does not allow it, but you should have a responsive version.

Upcoming Techniques that are taking most a part in 2021

SEO stratergies

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a Google search engine technology that allows you to create accelerated mobile website pages. Implementation is especially recommended for news or information resources, articles.
  • “PWA.” This technology can provide a site with information about the functionality of the device and the application used.

Voice search

Among the trends of 2021, one can note optimization for voice search, which is increasingly used by users. And to maintain the position of your site, as well as increase the flow of visitors, you should pay attention to the following SEO techniques:

  • Customizing FAQ pages with popular questions and answers. This will attract masses of people using voice search commands.
  • Using the “tails” of informational queries, with which phrases most often begin (“how much,” “why,” “choose,” “how,” and others).
  • Optimization for tablets and smart-phones, from which voice queries are most often generated on the Internet.
  • Optimization of the SEO core for user-asked questions and non-standard, unusual queries. While not everyone knows how to briefly and set correct and understandable commands by voice, this must be considered.
  • Improving the speed at which content is loaded. With the help of fast loading, you can achieve instant results that many visitors to the resource are indeed waiting for.

Promotion of online stores during a pandemic

The trends of 2021 correspond to the world’s current situation; therefore, the corona-virus pandemic and quarantine conditions must be taken into account.

To better carry out the sale of services or goods, as well as to promote the store on the Internet and stay ahead of competitors, the following options should be introduced:

  • 3D modeling when compiling catalogs for a decent and most realistic presentation;
  • convenient and straightforward feedback, advice on the remote selection of goods (by phone or other contacts, in the form of an online chat);
  • safe, contactless delivery;
  • availability of different payment methods, including online cashless payment;
  • The ability to leave reviews with ratings, comments, photos, and video materials.

Advice! When forming the core for SEO promotion of the site, an emphasis should be placed on current actions and advertising of new products and services. Include key phrases such as “home delivery”, “cashless payment”, “3D product models”.

Custom factors

Another significant trend in 2021 is user factors. In 2021, the value of not only traffic itself is increasing, but also of such indicators:

  • length of stay on the site;
  • percentage and number of refusals;
  • clicks on existing internal links;
  • direct visits to the site, in which the user enters the exact address of the online store (or name) into the search bar;
  • the speed of returning to the search results.

In 2021, the conversion will become an essential factor, which will tell that an Internet resource is relevant, that is, meets the most critical requirements in customers who are ready to buy services or goods.

Content update

Another trend in 2021 will be a constant update that meets modern realities and global trends: the more relevant, useful, and expert content, the more visitors. In 2021, the requirements for the semantic load will also increase.

Speak and write competently, timely, transparent, and without unnecessary use of complex terminology. Content should be compiled according to a specific plan, with a mandatory semantic (SEO) core. Information should include interesting texts, visual graphic techniques (tables, graphs, diagrams), high-quality photographs, and useful videos for promotion.


The trend of 2021 will be maximum security, which implies protection against leakage of personal and even more so payment data. There will be an active and widespread transition to the use of SSL certificates to prevent information theft. Such a certificate does not directly, but indirectly, affect the ranking and improves behavioral factors, bringing more visitors.

Technical optimization

When you carry out technical optimization, you will make the resource more accessible and open to search robots, improving the indexing speed and other characteristics in 2021. For technical optimization, you need:

  • implement the setting of a 301 redirect for correct link redirection;
  • create a “Sitemap” with video and pictures (essential for news sites);
  • make an accurate and correct robots.txt file for crawling bots;
  • guarantee a uniform view of addresses, set up a 404 error.

In 2021, it is possible to make the promotion 25-30% more successful through technical optimization by simplifying search bots’ functioning.

Video marketing

Today’s potential customers and partners prefer videos rather than texts. Currently, about half of the top search sites contain videos. In 2021, this trend will only take root. Therefore it is worth posting various instructions, reviews, previews, and other videos to make the content fuller, transparent, brighter, and easier to perceive.

Featured snippets

In 2021, using Featured Snippets will drive more traffic. Such snippets are expanded and are more often displayed in the search bar in response to queries with the words “how,” “instructions,” “how to do,” and others of an informational nature.

Relevant pages obtain featured snippets with numbers, step-by-step instructions, bulleted and numbered lists, tables, links, hierarchical ordered structure.

Final Thoughts

SEO success in 2021 will largely depend on the marketing efforts that you put on a website. And if you don’t use advanced SEO marketing techniques, your business is in a terrible position. For Digital Advertising (including contextual advertising) and traffic growth, all platforms should be involved: including social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Telegram). Now catalogs, marketplaces, article reading platforms/sites, and other channels covering an impressive audience.

By knowing and applying these current SEO trends, you can make a difference and can change up your SEO and marketing game by taking over your competition.

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This post is written by a Guest Author, “Iqra Iqbal“.

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