Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Program

EHSAAS Undergraduate Scholarship

According to the National Human Development Report 2017, Pakistan is one of the youngest country in the world. It has a population of around 220 million out of which more than half are of university age cohort, the priority of Government of Pakistan is to work on such programs which give drive to provide access to financially deserving and also encourage gender equity.

The aim is to create opportunities for a sizeable segment of youth to bring them under the net of higher education and create equal education opportunities for all.


  • It is a paradigm shift in a policy of the Government of Pakistan to support undergraduate level students who after completing FA/FSc./Intermediate are unable to pursue university education due to limited financial resources. Unlike the previous  financial assistance schemes that were aimed at MS or PhD programs, the Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Project focuses on the most critical segment, namely the 4-5year undergraduate programs, which contributes the most to income of the individual who completes the bachelors degree
  • It is one of the sizeable project funding under Government of Pakistan’s Ehsaas social safety net program which aims to provide 50,000 undergraduate scholarships with an average budget of Rs.6 billion annually. Over a period of next four to five years these scholarships will be  increased to  around 200,000.
  • Scholarship covers university tuition fee and stipend throughout four-five years of degree duration. It is a significant step to ensure affordable higher education in  all major fields of education including agriculture, arts and humanities, business education, engineering, medical, physical sciences, and social sciences.
  • The project aims to support female education therefore 50% of scholarships are reserved for the female students in the overall Project’s target.
  • To encourage physically challenged students, 2% of the scholarships are reserved for them.
  •  It is a vibrant program which will facilitate creation of the competent  workforce thus enhancing employability factors in youth.
  • It foresees to create drive for education among those students who have discontinued  studies due to  limited financial issues. 
  • By targeting most vulnerable segment of young population through this initiative, poorer households would be enabled to come out of  poverty, which in a long run expected to have positive impact on individuals, their families and the community.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Students who are currently enrolled in Undergraduate degree programs in selected public sector universities
  2. Applicants  who have secured admission on merit fulfilling   admission criteria  of the respective university
  3. Age limit will be followed as per university regulations for admission at the university
  4. Students already availing any other scholarship or grant from any  other source are ineligible to apply
  5. Students who have secured admission on Self-sustain/Self- support/Self finance evening programs are ineligible
  6. Distant learning students /programs are ineligible


All students are required to apply through following HEC Online Application System:


Scholarship Award Process

  • All students are required to apply through online system.
  • The applications of all potential candidates will be reviewed by the scrutiny committee and shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by the Institutional Scholarship Award Committee (ISAC) at the respective University/Institution. The committee will be  headed by the Vice Chancellor/Head of Institution
  • The ISAC will recommend potential candidates to HEC.
  • Scholarships shall be awarded after finalization and the approval

  • Scholarship funding shall continue for next semester/ year subject to satisfactory academic performance


Application Deadline for Ehsaas Program

Last Date of Online Application Submission is 10th December, 2019

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Sr. No




How can Io apply for EHSAAS Undergraduate Scholarship?


Please apply online at



Do I have to submit hard copy of the application?


Yes, every applicant is required to take printout of the submitted online application and submit hard copy along with the supporting documents to the student financial aid office of the university.


Can a distant learning student apply for the scholarship?

No, distant learning students are not eligible


Can a dual nationality holder apply for this scholarship?


No, dual nationality holder cannot apply for this scholarship.


What is the quota for disable students in EHSAAS Undergraduate program?

2% of the scholarships will be reserved for the physically disabled students subject to availability of disability authentic and verifiable certificate issued.


What is the quota for female students in EHSAAS Undergraduate program?

50 % of the scholarships are reserved for female students


If an applicant is already availing a scholarship, can he/she apply for this scholarship?

No, an applicant cannot apply for this scholarship if he/she is already availing some other scholarship.




Is the scholarship is fully funded?


The Scholarship only covers Tuition fee in actual along with annual stipend.


What is the duration of the program?


The duration of the program is four –five years.


Is there any fees requirement for online application?

No fees is required to submit your application on online Portal.


Do candidate need to submit hard copies of the document to the  HEC?


No; HEC will not accept any documentation.


What is the deadline to apply for the scholarship?

Deadline to apply for the scholarship is 10th December, 2019. 



Students who are already enrolled in public university can apply for scholarship?

Yes , students who are already enrolled in public university/institution can apply for scholarship


Is there any Age limit defined for the scholarship?

Age limit will be followed as per university regulations i.e. maximum age under which an applicant is allowed to take admission for offered Undergraduate programs at the university


Can I apply directly to Higher Education Commission?

HEC do not entertain direct application forms. HEC only accept applications through partner universities/institutions as mentioned in list on website/advertisement.


Which are the Selected Participating Universities/Institutions?

The detail of selected participating universities/institutions is available on the official website of Higher Education Commission, Islamabad.


Can I submit application after the deadline?

Application after the university’s/institution’s deadline will not be entertained; therefore, we encourage you to submit application well before the deadline in order to avoid any inconvenience.


If I get supporting documents late will it negatively impact on my application?


Shortlisting for the scholarship awards is subject to the  criteria according to merit and financial assistance need. It is in your best interest to apply and submit all the required documents early.

Please make sure that you strictly follow the deadline for the submission of scholarship application form along with the necessary supporting documents.


After getting scholarship, do I need to re-apply every year?


Once you selected under this scholarship program, you don’t need to apply again every year


Is it possible to transfer the awarded scholarship from selected University/Institution to other University/Institution?

As per provision, it’s not possible to transfer the scholarship from selected University/Institution to any other University/Institution.


I am a student from Baluchistan, can I apply for the university/institution in Punjab or in any other province of Pakistan?

Yes. You can apply in any Partner University/institution located in any Province of Pakistan.


My admission is in process for fall session, am I eligible to apply for scholarship?

Yes, you are eligible to apply subject to eligibility terms and conditions


What is gross monthly income?

Gross monthly income is the amount of income earned in one month, before taxes or deductions are taken out.


What is net monthly income?

Net monthly income is the amount of money you actually take home after taxes and deductions


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