UET Lahore and Sub-Campuses 3rd Merit List 2020

UET 3rd Merit list

University of Engineering and Technology, UET Lahore has announced the 3rd Merit List for admissions in Undergraduate Engineering and Technology Programs Fall 2020.

You can find the Minimum aggregate of Each Discipline Below:

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UET 3rd Merit List 2020

The following table shows the updated minimum aggregates for each discipline.

Discipline Campus Category Minimum Aggregate
Architectural Engineering LHR A1 76.284965034965
Architectural Engineering LHR A2 68.6568376068376
Architectural Engineering LHR S 52.597027972028
Architecture LHR A1 74.7475524475525
Architecture LHR N 71.3972222222222
Architecture LHR A2 65.8636363636364
Architecture LHR T 57.9681818181818
Architecture LHR S 52.0766042708021
Automotive Engineering LHR A1 73.3797202797203
Automotive Engineering LHR A2 64.0938811188811
Bachelor of Business Administration LHR A3 50.9189839572192
Bachelor of Business Information Technology LHR A3 50.7646853146853
Bio Medical Engineering KSK A1-M 83.3772052205221
Bio Medical Engineering NWL A1-M 77.7289603960396
Bio Medical Engineering KSK A2-M 76.8889738973897
Bio Medical Engineering KSK A1 73.1965034965035
Bio Medical Engineering NWL A1 66.4237762165035
Bio Medical Engineering KSK A2 58.7854895104895
Chemical Engineering LHR A1 76.3697552447553
Chemical Engineering KSK A1 70.6714285714286
Chemical Engineering FSD A1 69.5798951048951
Chemical Engineering LHR N 68.3944444444444
Chemical Engineering LHR A2 68.0868881118881
Chemical Engineering KSK A2 58.7043706293706
Chemical Engineering FSD A2 58.1494444444444
Chemical Engineering FSD S 57.8961111111111
Chemical Engineering LHR S 54.3905594405594
Chemical Engineering KSK S 53.5585664326573
Chemistry LHR A1-M 82.9882484677039
Chemistry LHR A2-M 75.05
Chemistry LHR A1 67.986013986014
Chemistry LHR A2 59.0746503496504
City and Regional Planning LHR A1 72.8711229946524
City and Regional Planning LHR N 63.0667832167832
City and Regional Planning LHR A2 62.6124125874126
City and Regional Planning LHR T 57.6715240641711
Civil Engineering LHR A1 77.6265734265734
Civil Engineering LHR N 72.0774475524476
Civil Engineering NWL A1 70.5005244755245
Civil Engineering LHR A2 70.3994755244755
Civil Engineering LHR P 61.116
Civil Engineering NWL S 51.5846153846154
Civil Engineering LHR S 50.5282608695652
Computer Engineering LHR A1 77.469055944056
Computer Engineering LHR A2 70.9152340234023
Computer Science LHR A1 74.8986013986014
Computer Science KSK A1 70.3222027972028
Computer Science LHR A2 68.6832887700535
Computer Science RCET A1 67.0659090909091
Computer Science NWL A1 66.2344444444444
Computer Science KSK A2 63.3716577540107
Computer Science RCET A2 57.4940559440559
Electrical Engineering LHR A1 78.184965034965
Electrical Engineering LHR L 77.8559440559441
Electrical Engineering LHR N 73.3247252747253
Electrical Engineering KSK A1 72.8129370629371
Electrical Engineering LHR R 72.3405594405594
Electrical Engineering LHR A2 70.3888888888889
Electrical Engineering LHR O 70.1527777777778
Electrical Engineering FSD A1 70.0388888888889
Electrical Engineering RCET A1 67.9985074626866
Electrical Engineering NWL A1 67.6166666666667
Electrical Engineering KSK A2 65.1050699300699
Electrical Engineering LHR P 63.319
Electrical Engineering KSK P 62.964
Electrical Engineering RCET A2 62.8664335664336
Electrical Engineering FSD A2 61.5559440559441
Electrical Engineering FSD P 57.461
Electrical Engineering KSK S 56.875
Electrical Engineering NWL S 53.8396853083217
Electrical Engineering LHR S 53.4493006993007
Electrical Engineering FSD S 53.3688888888889
Environmental Engineering LHR A1 72.5022727272727
Environmental Engineering LHR A2 65.1013986013986
Environmental Engineering LHR S 55.6853146853147
Environmental Science KSK A1-M 83.2192844284428
Environmental Science FSD A1-M 78.0611611161116
Environmental Science KSK A2-M 76.111903690369
Environmental Science FSD A2-M 66.9074932465977
Environmental Science KSK A1 62.6146853146853
Environmental Science FSD A1 59.3027972027972
Environmental Science FSD A2 51.4731884057971
Environmental Science KSK A2 51.4195804195804
Geological Engineering LHR A1 69.9795454545455
Geological Engineering LHR A2 61.4615384606294
Geological Engineering LHR S 59.3555555555556
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering LHR A1 73.8050699300699
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering LHR A2 66.325
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering RCET A1 65.6916666666667
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering LHR S 61.9694444444444
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering RCET A2 59.806993006993
Mathematics LHR A1 69.7884615384615
Mathematics LHR A2 65.4082167832168
Mathematics LHR S 51.3998251748252
Mechanical Engineering LHR L 80.4178321678322
Mechanical Engineering LHR A1 80.1898601398601
Mechanical Engineering KSK A1 73.9515734265734
Mechanical Engineering LHR A2 71.9192307692308
Mechanical Engineering LHR O 70.1194444444444
Mechanical Engineering LHR N 69.7701048951049
Mechanical Engineering RCET A1 69.5152097902098
Mechanical Engineering NWL A1 69.1660839160839
Mechanical Engineering KSK A2 66.6143356643357
Mechanical Engineering RCET A2 64.9906593406593
Mechanical Engineering LHR P 60.732
Mechanical Engineering RCET S 58.7666666666667
Mechanical Engineering LHR S 56.5066666666667
Mechanical Engineering NWL S 55.0162587412587
Mechanical Engineering KSK S 52.597027972028
Mechatronics Engineering LHR A1 76.4185314685315
Mechatronics Engineering LHR A2 69.004020979021
Mechatronics Engineering FSD A1 68.6022727272727
Mechatronics Engineering FSD A2 59.1006993006993
Mechatronics Engineering LHR S 58.3452797202797
Mechatronics Engineering FSD S 53.6131118881119
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering LHR A1 73.3146853146853
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering LHR N 67.8430069802797
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering LHR A2 65.5926573426573
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering LHR S 55.6590909090909
Mining Engineering LHR A1 70.4847902097902
Mining Engineering LHR A2 62.0606643347552
Mining Engineering LHR N 55.7716783053147
Petroleum Engineering LHR A1 75.9702797202797
Petroleum Engineering LHR A2 67.3839160839161
Petroleum Engineering LHR N 64.8793706293706
Petroleum Engineering LHR S 53.134965034965
Physics LHR A1-M 82.1337533753375
Physics LHR A2-M 71.5896714671467
Physics LHR A1 69.1660839160839
Physics LHR S 65.5590569859701
Physics LHR A2 62.1951871657754
Polymer Engineering LHR A1 70.1270979020979
Polymer Engineering LHR A2 61.3951048951049
Polymer Engineering LHR S 57.1951048951049
Product & Industrial Design LHR A1 70.5954545454545
Product & Industrial Design LHR A2 60.152972027972
Product & Industrial Design LHR S 58.4361888111888
Software Engineering KSK A1 73.2744755244755
Software Engineering KSK A2 68.5260695187166
Software Engineering KSK S 61.8208556149733
Textile Engineering FSD A1 69.2520979020979
Textile Engineering FSD A2 57.6230769230769
Transportation Engineering LHR A1 70.9825174825175
Transportation Engineering LHR A2 61.6251748251748
Transportation Engineering LHR S 59.8687062855245

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Q: How to calculate the aggregate for UET?

Ans: You can use our online Aggregate Calculator to calculate your aggregate

Q: What are the admission categories A1, A2, A3?

Ans: You can see the details in our post Admission Categories

Q: What is the fee of UET Lahore for Undergraduate Programs?



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